Dear Friends,

I pray for each of you every day. You are all special and remembered. If you have a prayer request or need to talk please contact me: 208-936-5675 (leave a text if I do not answer immediately and I will get back with you as soon as I can.)

I have again put together a Sunday Service for kids and youth via You Tube. You can click on each of the YouTube links below and enjoy a morning of worship in your own house during this time of quarantine.  I hope that you will make time and enjoy the fun and energetic songs for the young at heart; you might even be tempted to get up and dance with the kids. (It is ok; God loves to see a joyful heart!)

This week we are stepping back to days of VBS. All the song are taken from past VBS themes. Enjoy!

Also, the story goes along with Pastor’s sermon. The Skit Guys link is included to enjoy but also to make you think.

Love and prayers,

Pastor Emma

Songs and Worship

Power Shuffle | Everest VBS Music Video | Group Publishing

All Around the World | Weird Animals VBS | Group Publishing

Give Me a J- E- S- U- S- Jason Whitfield

This Little Light of Mine | Cave Quest VBS Music Video | Group Publishing

My God Is Powerful | Everest VBS Music Video | Group Publishing

There is Power in the Blood | HLA Wilderness Escape | Group Publishing

Story and Lesson

For Everyone- Primary Year C Quarter 3 Episode 4 “Do You Love Me?”

Just for fun- Skit Guys – Grace