Dear Fairview Family,
I met with our church board on Wednesday evening for guidance on what to do concerning our scheduled services.

The District Superintendant, Scott Shaw, is strongly recommending that our district churches should cancel services for the next 2 weeks. The Board has decided to follow his recommendations.

If all goes well, we will resume our regularly scheduled services on Palm Sunday, April 5th, and Wednesday night activities will start again on April 8th.

The plan is that I will record my sermons on facebook or stream it, during those 2 weeks. Watch for additional details in future emails and texts. 

Please keep in mind that the expenses of operating the church will continue, and we need your faithfulness in tithe and gifts to the church.

I am encouraging that we continue with Ladies and Men’s Bible Studies, staff meetings, small groups and High Street Gatherings at the church office building.

I am working my regular schedule and am available along with the rest of the staff. We are here for you, and are praying you!

Pastor Jim/Dee Ann