The Mission Council is currently working on a family friendly mission trip for July of 2016!  We are working with Amor Ministries for a trip to Baja, Mexico July 16-18.  The anticipated cost for individuals 11 years of age and older will be $425 per person.  This is the cost from San Diego, CA, thus there will be some travel costs to get to San Diego.  If you or your family are interested in participating in this Mission trip please let the NMI President, Carlyann McLaren, know ASAP!  You can reach her at 353-3953 or  Once we know  who is wanting to be a part of this Mission Team, we can begin planning fundraising events and also register with Amor Ministries.  You can visit to learn more about Amor Family Mission trips or you can call Carlyann McLaren for more details.  If you are interested, please sign up!  God will provide the way for us to go!  Even if you are unable to attend, please begin praying for this Mission trip and that anyone with the desire to go will be able to!